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What to expect


People sometimes wonder how our massage sessions work - especially if they have previously not had massage.

Firstly, my name is Steve. I graduated from the NZ College of Massage in Wellington with the following qualifications;

  • Dip. HSc. (Therapeutic Massage)

  • Dip. HSc (Massage & Sports Therapy

  • Certificate Relaxation Massage


When you come for massage, we will have an initial discussion designed to establish your needs and massage goals, and to plan your session. The discussion is to ensure that your massage is focused and effective. A physical assessment may also be performed to assess pain levels and restricted movement patterns. This will all take a little longer in the first session (usually around 10-mins) but an update is all that is usually needed for subsequent sessions. This is why we recommend at least a 60-minute session for the first visit. For more information about this process, please see this article by Massage NZ;


You will then be left in private to undress. Massage may be clothed, partially clothed or without - depending on your preference. If oil or balm is to be used (as it normally is) then clothing needs to be removed from the area to be treated. Dry massage can be done through clothing if preferred (though it may not be as effective in some cases). Once ready, place yourself under the sheet or towel on the massage table, and your therapist will re-enter the room. When appropriate, the room and/or table will be heated. Laundered sheets, towels and blankets are all provided for your comfort. Music will play in the background - let us know if you have a preferred style, or request silence of you prefer.


If you require assistance to get on and off the massage table, or to dress/undress, this can be done with respect for your privacy and dignity. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring somebody to help you.


During the massage checks will normally be made as to your level of comfort and the effectiveness of strokes/techniques. After the massage you will again be left in private to dress.


As massage involves touch - a clean body is important for healthy massage, and for the health of the Massage Therapist. If you are unwell, please wait until you are well again before booking. This is not just because of the risk to other people but massage may make you fell worse due to changes made to your metabolism.

Therapeutic Masssage
Therapeutic Massage
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