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Greg S - Whitby: Very professional, always on time and has some great advice on how to get rid of pain and discomfort. Nice home setting and will cater to what ever it is you require. Friendly and easy to deal with.

Nik R - Christchurch: I've been numerous times over the past year, including 2 days before my wedding, unable to move my neck, and/or with other issues. I've left with greatly improved movement and seen continued improvement in the following days. Also provided great advice on daily stretches to avoid a recurrence. No hesitation to recommend!

Kt B - Whitby: Fantastic massage today completely resolved my horrendous headache - thank you!

Daryll W - Whitby: I was consistently enduring very stiff and in some cases damaged muscles. The result of the strains would keep me away from any form of strenuous activity, in some cases a few weeks at a time. Had a series of massage therapies in order help relieve the tension and restore movement.  After a few sessions I noticed the difference particularly regarding my movement around the squash court.  While I had some post exercise soreness early recovery ensued. A few sessions later and through the warm up exercises recommended I am able to enjoy exercise again with minimal residual discomfort.  Therapy has now turned from fixing the problem to maintenance as needed.

Sue S - Cambourne: I had an injury that led to a 'frozen shoulder' which has a recovery period of 12-18 months.  Over 14 weeks I had massage therapy which greatly assisted in fastening up the recovery period.  During this time as the shoulder started to thaw, I gained significant movement back in my shoulder. Professional, knowledgeable, and provides a firm massage technique.  

KE - Plimmerton: Cant recommend enough. Both professional and experienced. Came out feeling both relaxed and tension free.

Viv H - Paraparaumu: Highly recommended. So dedicated to what he is doing and so good. If you have any back problems at all...GO AND SEE HIM!!!

Missa S - Ascot Park: So I was suffering with sciatica for ages, I had had enough and decided to book myself in with a massage therapist, I had emailed 5 therapists in the Porirua area, and this was the only one that got back to me, booked in at 2 pm. The pain was pretty severe for over a week and remained annoying after the treatment, I was doubtful it had worked. The next morning I woke with an aching leg but nothing compared to the previous day and as the day has gone on the pain has mostly disappeared, I’m wrapped so thank you, you will be highly recommended.

Rach M - I’ve had two massages (relaxation and sports massage) and both times I’ve been really pleased with the results. Incredibly friendly, professional and helpful. I suffer from bad eczema from head to toe and have found that after a massage my skin calms right down. I truly believe the mixture of oil, massage techniques and the calming relaxed setting provided truly helps to combat the annoyance and aggravation of my skin. Highly recommend Whitby massage and bodywork clinic!

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