Steve Rolston - your therapist

  • Dip HSc (Therapeutic Massage)

  • Dip HSc (Massage and Sports Therapy)

  • Certificate in Relaxation Massage

  • Registered Massage Therapist with Massage New Zealand

A little about me


If you are considering a massage you may want to know a little about me. Really, I am just a ‘normal’ guy. I am happily married with four adult children.


After many years in the banking industry I decided on a change of career. I went on to qualify as a Massage Therapist, quickly became hooked and I have not regretted one moment of it.


During training, massaging fellow trainees and being massaged myself quickly became the norm. Believe it or not, before training began I had never had a massage. Now I wish I had. It wasn’t uncommon for some of us to drift off to sleep whilst being massaged. Prior to this I do not recall ever being encouraged to relax enough to sleep in class! We learned anatomy, physiology, clinical therapeutics - all that we need to know to bring you a fantastic massage.


I have worked with members of the Phoenix football and Pulse netball teams, Centreport staff, Les Mills gym customers and staff, the neo-natal and sonography units at Wellington Hospital, and Mary Potter Hospice. I have also massaged at events such as the Wgtn Women's Expo, Relay for Life, the U19 national netball championships, and U17 national basketball championships.


Qualified with two diplomas and a certificate that cover relaxation, therapeutic  (remedial massage), and sports massage, I now run a clinic from my home. I work with people who come with various aches and pains, but also those who come to relax and take some time for themselves. I have been privileged to work with and help people suffering from frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), sciatic pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, upper crossed syndrome, and thoracic outlet syndrome, to name just a few. I have many clients who are involved in various sports.


Whatever the cause of pain and tension, it is important to try to identify and discuss the cause. Taking a holistic approach it can be addressed and often eliminated. My ultimate goal is to help my clients maintain, or return to, a normal and healthy lifestyle. The best thing I hear from my clients are comments like; “Wow, the pain has completely gone”, or “I’ve had this for so long, I wish I had heard about you before”.


Whatever your needs, book now. I'll put on some nice music and heat the table during cooler months.


I would love to see you in my clinic.


Kind regards,


Steve Rolston, Dip. Hsc Therapeutic Massage, Dip Hsc Sports Massage
Whitby Massage & Bodywork Clinic
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